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Your online store for B2B transactions.

B2B Commerce is another feather in the cap of Salesforce, which specializes in providing businesses to create an online e-commerce store. When businesses are interacting with each other, they talk in bulk. Be it bulk quantities or prices, which can amount to millions in a single transaction. Thus, they require an e-commerce website where they can see the entire catalog and do simple add-to-cart transactions.


Your Company's virtual assistant

Bots, a term derived from robots, is a digital way of transforming human interaction. Usually, your agents are busy resolving critical issues and maybe at that moment, a customer is looking for some straightforward answer.


Your companion for managing customer service.

Service Cloud is another vertical of Salesforce which deals in customer service management. Once a product or service is sold, it becomes evident to provide industry-leading customer service. However, at times with the number of incoming calls, or emails or texts, it can be a tedious task to manage everything on time.


Experience Cloud Salesforce

Salesforce Experience Cloud facilitates your customers, partners, or employees with a common platform required for seamless communication. It incorporates services and features of Service Cloud, plus, provides additional benefits of creating a knowledge base, customer self-service portals, a portal for agent-customer interaction, and much more.


A tool to bring in cash, quickly!

CPQ refers to configure, price and quote. With this, you would have a slight idea that it deals with the proposals shared with your customers. Traditional sales methods involve the manual creation of proposals, which has its drawbacks including but not limited to, incorrect pricing, inaccurate discounts, or some other human error. With Salesforce CPQ, you are eliminating manual errors along with speeding up the process from quote to finalizing the deal.


A customizable automated sales process.

Sales Cloud is an automated sales management tool, which assembles all the scattered data over different devices in one place. Whether you are a salesperson or a sales manager, you have all the information handy on your laptop or even mobile. With the help of Sales Cloud, you get a streamlined sales process, which can be customized and automated at your convenience.


A dedicated B2B marketing automation tool

Pardot is an automated marketing tool, which is commonly used for the B2B segment of the business industry. Whether you are trying to sell a product or a service to another business, it becomes crucial to generate leads to gain the maximum out of your marketing campaign.


CRM to manage every segment of Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a part of the Salesforce CRM suite, which deals with the marketing segment of a company's business. With targeted marketing, keeping the customer journey in focus and generating interactions with customers can help your marketing team in generating more business.


Let data be distributed across systems

Data communication is evident with the growing technologies, as not everything can be assembled in one place. You might have existing systems that are being used for daily operations, and we know that changes are not that adaptable. This is where Salesforce integration works.


A powerful tool for off and on-field agents.

Field Service Lightning allows you to excel in the area of field services provided to your customers. Facilitating your customers with on-time, accurate and hassle-free service is what helps you in retaining the customers. This is the key to dominating any vertical of the market.